Mi 9. Februar 2022

Fagner Wesley Trio 'Life goes on' (BRA/A)

Fagner Wesley: piano, keyboards
Jojo Lackner: bass
Matheus Jardim: drums
special guest: Christopher Pawluk: guitar

Wir starten ca. 1/2 h vor Konzertbeginn den Live-Stream (Real-Time, nach Konzertende nicht mehr abrufbar!). Durch Klicken auf "Zum Livestream" öffnet sich ein Fenster, wo Sie kostenlos und ohne irgendeine Registrierung das Konzert miterleben können. Wir ersuchen Sie aber, dieses Projekt über "Pay as you wish" zu unterstützen. Vielen Dank & Willkommen im realen & virtuellen Club!

Fagner Wesley, released his second album “Life goes on” in December 2021, together with his longtime music partners: the groove machine Jojo Lackner on bass and young modern jazz talent Matheus Jardim on drums. This new album comes with a very modern concept, beautiful melodies and a special mix of rhythms that all together brings great musical richness. The title “Life goes on” it’s a message for people to keep going on with their lifes and their goals, without giving up or getting discouraged regardless of this sad times of pandemic , political polarization, violence, racism, etc.

Fagner Wesley, pianist, composer and arranger, born in Salvador de Bahia (Brazil), lives in Vienna and is an important member of the music scene in Europe. He combines his knowledge in Latin Jazz, Modern Jazz, Brazilian Jazz, World Music, etc. Fagner also plays with: Alegre Correa, Wolfgang Muthspiel, Duo Samambaia, Jatoba BigBand, Sigi Finkel, Gabriel Grossi, Jon Sass, Bebe Krammer, Cesar Sampson and others. (Pressetext)