Mo 27. März 2023

Drew Wesely: guitar, objects
Lester St. Louis: cello
Carlo Costa: percussion

Hypersurface is an NYC-based trio consisting of Drew Wesely (guitar/objects), Lester St. Louis (cello), and Carlo Costa (percussion) focusing on the fractal levels of sonic form that emerge through improvisation.
The trio’s work over the past few years has revolved around exploring timbral, durational, and formal aspects of improvisation through employing a large range of objects such as tile, railroad spikes, and ceramic plates to alter the sounds of their instruments as well as incorporating the natural acoustic sounds from the resonating chambers of instruments manipulated through amplification systems. The trio is deeply involved in exploring liminal sonic spaces which deconstruct imagined boundaries between sounds ‘interior’ or ‘exterior’ to an environment and emphasize the embodied phenomena which arise from a deep merging with the sonic moment. Relationships between timbre, duration, gesture, and rhythmic structures form a layered tapestry of sonic “particles” that breathe and move in and as the music.