Mo 17. April 2023

Matthew Halpin Originals 4tet

Matthew Halpin: tenor saxophone
Kenji Herbert: guitar
Fabian Supancic: hammond organ
Valentin Duit: drums

Irish Tenor Saxophonist Matthew Halpin has arrived in Vienna! Matthew has spent the last years in Cologne and around Germany building a reputation as one of the creative voices of the saxophone of his generation. With a strong love for the tradition of jazz and the idol saxophonists of the last century, he has managed to find his own voice not only as a musician but also as a composer. Writing music which is heartfelt, powerful, humorous and deep. On this date he reunites with a friend and collaborator, equally unique and outward reaching musician Kenji Herbert on guitar and two new collaborators from the Austrian scene, drummer Valentin Duit and pianist/organist Fabian Supancic.

Matthew has been on a continuous and wide spread journey as a musician and this new chapter in Vienna brings fresh wind to the sails! This is an arrival to note and a journey worth following!