So 22. September 2024

Teleport Collective 'A Monolith‘s Dream' (A)

Aaron Maria Steiner: keybaords, sampling, lights
Joachim Huber: bass, tiny machines
Michael Naphegyi: drums, toys, electronics

Wir starten ca. 1/2 h vor Konzertbeginn den Live-Stream (Real-Time, nach Konzertende nicht mehr abrufbar!). Durch Klicken auf "Zum Livestream" öffnet sich ein Fenster, wo Sie kostenlos und ohne irgendeine Registrierung das Konzert miterleben können. Wir ersuchen Sie aber, dieses Projekt über "Pay as you wish" zu unterstützen. Vielen Dank & Willkommen im realen & virtuellen Club!

Electrocosmic Avant-Jazz and free improvisation combined with a big devotion to machines and experiments. Sometimes the soundtrack for a scary b-movie, sometimes for a vintage western fairytale, sometimes for a chicken slaughter. Or everything at the same time?

The Viennese formation Teleport Collective (formerly known as Killah Tofu) was founded in 2014 by Aaron Maria Steiner (keys, sampling, lights), Michael Naphegyi (drums, toys, electronics) and Joachim Huber (bass, tiny machines). They released their debut album "Do The Pump" in 2017 (recognized as one of the Top 10 Albums from Austria in 2017 by Beatboxx), and their second album "Scarraphon" in 2019. Throughout the past years, their live concerts have progressively evolved into captivating amalgamations of composition, improvisation, and experiments with various sonic elements. Various feature guests expand the band's musical spectrum both on stage and in the studio. In 2023 they launched an event series that took place on selected tuesdays at the well-known club for viennese underground, the rhiz.

Their new album »A Monolith‘s Dream« will be out on September 20th 2024. The double-LP is released via the internationally recognized label Col Legno.