Mi 3. Oktober 2018

Nour Shantout 'A Poem from the Future'

Ausstellungsdauer: Mi 03. bis Mo 15 Oktober

A futuristic History Museum, which presents objects, tools, and outfits, from our time. It is a counter- archive of a dystopian society, where memory, history, and archiving get questioned. In a way that relates to techniques that are used in Natural History Museums, Nour Shantout`s work challenges the very notion of preservation.

Nour Shantout, was born in Damascus, Syria in 1991 and have spent the last 6 years in Beirut, Paris and Vienna. She started studying art at the Academy of Fine Arts in Damascus in 2009 and continued her work abroad. She completed her bachelor’s of art in 2014 at The Lebanese Academy of Fine Arts where she received the Helen EL Khal prize (2014) and continued her graduate studies at the École de Beaux-Arts of Paris. She is currently living in Vienna and studying at the Akademie der bildenden Künste Wien (Textual Sculpture, Prof. Heimo Zobernig) since 2015.

She works around social barriers, heritage, counter-memory, and counter-history. Through concepts of failure she questions the different aspects of protection and preservation.