Mo 22. Juni 2020

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Guido Spannochi: alto saxophone
Tony Kofi: baritone saxophone 
Jure Pukl: tenor saxophone
Gina Schwarz: bass 
Saleem Raman: drums

• Guido Spannocchi is a Vienna born London based saxophonist currently touring his third album "All The Above“.
His previous albums "Ahead Only" in 2017 and "Terms & Conditions" in 2018 have gained him international press reviews and radio airplay. Together with his trio Guido has toured through Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Italy, France, Finland and the UK in spring 2017 as well as in summer 2018 and spring 2019. Guido has been invited to tour his very repertoire in Brazil in January & February 2018 as well as appearanced at London Jazzfestival in 2018, Jazzfestival Vienna in 2018 and was recently commission for a show for Vogue Tokyo, Japan in September 2019. Guido hosts several regular nights in renowned Jazz clubs in London including the Austrian Jazzexchange for the Austrian cultural forum and is renowned for his film scoring works which brought him as far as Los Angeles & New York .

Spannocchi's repertoire and compositions focus on eastern European lullabies combined with Brazilian and world rhythms in a unique harmonic structure, these come to live particularly through the interplay of the band members. Consisting of alto saxophone, double bass and drums this ensemble is as fragile as it is transparent and never ceases to take the listener on a journey through uncharted territory beyond post bop. In his latest album "All The Above" (2019) Guido showcases various international saxophonists such as the Slovenian New York talent Jure Puk on tenor sax and the UK stalwart Tony Kofi, former sideman of Ornette Coleman and Abdullah Ibrahim on baritone saxophone. (Pressetext)