Mon Nov. 5, 2018

Secret Chiefs 3 / Zion 80 (USA)

Secret Chiefs 3
Trey Spruance: guitar
Jason Schimmel: guitar
Matt Lebofsky: keyboards
Eyvind Kang: violin
Shanir Blumenkranz: bass
Ches Smith: percussion
Kenny Grohowski: drums

Zion 80
Jon Madof: guitar
Greg Wall: tenor saxophone
Jessica Lurie: baritone saxophone
Zach Mayer: baritone saxophone
Brian Marsella: organ
Yoshie Fruchter: guitar
Shanir Blumenkranz: bass
Yuval Lion: drums
Marlon Sobol: percussion

Secret Chiefs 3
The legendary rock ensemble Secret Chiefs 3 presents an epic and dynamic set of Masada music. Their first Masada project Xaphan from 2008 was one of the highlights of the entire series, and here they take 12 new compositions to an even higher level.

Zion 80
The brainchild of guitarist Jon Madof, Zion80 is a wildly popular project that seamlessly blends the Afro-pop stylings of the legendary Fela Kuti with the Jewish tradition. Featuring an exciting 11-piece all-star band of horns, guitars, keyboards and percussion, they mix the polyrhythmic intensity of Afrobeat with the freewheeling madness of the Downtown scene.