Tue Feb. 9, 2021
Auf den 4. April verschoben...

Mamadou Diabaté 'Percussion Mania' (BF/A)

postponed !

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Mamadou Diabaté: balafon
Yacouba: balafon
Seidou Dao: djembe
Klaus Ambrosch: guitar
Alex Meisel: bass
Hamidou Koita: drums, vocals

Da es eine positive Testung in der Band gibt, muss das Konzert leider auf den 4. April: https://porgy.at/events/10376/ verschoben werden. Wir zeigen anstelle den Stream mit Diabate vom 9. September 2020 im Rahmen des Portraits von Sigi Finkel: https://porgy.at/events/10366/. Wir ersuchen um Verständnis... P&B-Team

When Diabate is on stage playing the balafon, something magical happens between him and the audience. With his tight strokes, he makes the audience move. When this Burkinabe virtuoso is on fire and plays as fast as he can—which is really fast—the audience stands up and starts dancing. At the end of the show everybody is dancing like mad. (Afropop Worldwide)