Sun June 6, 2021

The European Allstars feat. David Hazeltine 'The Music of Cedar Walton' (I/USA/A)

Piero Odorici: tenor, soprano saxophone
David Hazeltine: piano
Aldo Zunino: bass
Bernd Reiter: drums

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The late, much beloved pianist Cedar Walton was a major influence to generations of jazz musicians and especially pianists. None, however, was a greater student of his work - playing and composing - than David Hazeltine. Over the years Hazeltine not only studied, inhabited and incorporated Cedar into his own jazz conception but became a friend as well. This heartfelt tribute to the great man contains some of his finest compositions - Holy Land, Clockwise, and Turquoise Twice - performed by Hazeltine, Cedar's longtime bassist David Williams, and drummer Joe Farnsworth. A session highlight is Hazeltine's solo performance of Cedar's favorite solo piece, Over The Rainbow. The great master is no longer with us - long may his music live! (Rezension der CD I remember Cedar)