Sun May 1, 2022

Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio (USA)

postponed !

Delvon Lamarr: hammond organ
Jimmy James: guitar
Dan Weiss: drums

Wir wurden vom Management von Delvon Lamarr informiert, dass aus familiären Gründen der Gitarrist nicht auf Tour gehen kann, was dazu führt, dass Lamarr alle Auftritte verschieben muss. Das ist natürlich sehr bitter, muss aber wohl zur Kenntnis genommen werden. Der Ersatztermin ist 24. Oktober 2022:

Der phantastische Hammond-Organist Raphael Wressnig übernimmt den "Bandstand" von Lamarr und wird ebenfalls im Trio groß aufspielen! Ein Ersatzprogramm, dass wärmstens zu empfehlen ist!

Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio—or as it is sometimes referred to, DLO3—specialize in the lost art of “feel good music.” The ingredients of this intoxicating cocktail include a big helping of the 1960s organ jazz stylings of Jimmy Smith and Baby Face Willette; a pinch of the snappy soul strut of Booker T. & The M.G.’s and The Meters; and sprinkles Motown, Stax Records, blues, and cosmic Jimi Hendrix-style guitar. It’s a soul-jazz concoction that goes straight to your heart and head makes your body break out in a sweat. Live, the band’s fiery and intuitive chemistry is unstoppable, brimming with improvisation, instant composition, imaginative takes on classic tunes, and a booty-shaking back catalog of soulful gems.

The band features organist Delvon Lamarr, a self-taught virtuosic musician, with perfect pitch who taught himself jazz and has effortlessly been able to play a multitude of instruments. On guitar is the dynamo Jimmy James who eases through Steve Cropper-style chanking guitar, volcanic acid-rock freak-out lead playing, and slinky Grant Green-style jazz. From Reno, Nevada is drummer Dan Weiss (also of the powerhouse soul and funk collective The Sextones). Dan’s smoldering pocket-groove drumming locks in the trio’s explosive chemistry.

Since its humble beginnings in May, 2015, the trio has issued two Billboard-charting albums and a 45; toured nationally and internationally, and performed on live at Upstream Music Festival broadcast by KEXP that garnered over 7 million views. In the near future, DLO3 will be releasing a bevy of new music come fall and winter 2020. DLO3 is part of the hip Colemine Records family, is booked by the prestigious Kurland Agency, and is managed, owned, and operated by Delvon’s staunchly supportive wife, Amy Novo. Amy has been lovingly nicknamed “Shortcake Mafia” as a tribute to her sweet but shrewd business acumen.