Sun Nov. 28, 2021

Marta Sanchez Solo (ESP)

canceled !

Marta Sanchez: piano

Based in New York, born in Madrid/Spain, pianist Marta Sanchez is better known for the records with her quintet, with two of them chosen as one of the best 10 records of the year by The New York Times.

Here, she comes to perform from her prepared solo piano repertoire that she started writing during an artist residency at MacDowell Colony a few years ago. The pandemic gave Marta the time to work on this project, finishing the writing and exploring its different possibilities.

Marta’s most recent work as a composer has been based on creating layers, giving each instrument a strong melodic or rhythmic part that works in consonance with the other parts.

“When I started thinking about the idea of writing music for solo piano, I thought for a while about how I could keep this concept while working with only one instrument. Modifying the sound of the piano in different registers by introducing objects in between the strings (tape, screws, rubber) allows me to produce different sound qualities within a single instrument, giving me the option of three or four different sets of textures within the piano.”