Sat March 26, 2022

Jungle by Night (NL)

canceled !

Pieter van Exter: tenor saxophone
Ko Zandvliet: trombone
Bo Floor: trumpet
Jacob van Exter: guitar
Pyke Pasman: keyboards
Peter Peskens: bass
Sonny Groeneveld: drums
Tienson Smeets: djembé, percussions
Gino Groeneveld: conga, percussions

Since their start „Jungle by Night“ have been heating up dancefloors across the globe. During the pandemic the band, like so many other artists, saw their shows vanish and the only thing they could do was work on new music. Which they did relentlessly. The band individually researched, composed and recorded new musical styles and slowly but steadily out of the many ideas new songs arose. In the second half of this year the band will release their music. Expect a blend of Electro, Krautrock and House. To celebrate the new music the band will play a completely new show in a venue near you. (Pressetext)