Fri Nov. 4, 2022
Auf 09. Mai 2023 verschoben

Julian Lage Trio (USA)

postponed !

Julian Lage: guitar
Jorge Roeder: bass
Eric Doob: drums

Aufgrund geänderter Flugverbindungen ist es für Julian Lage nun nicht möglich, am 4. November in Wien zu spielen. Wir verschieben das Konzert auf den 9. Mai 2023. Lage versprach, im Mai notfalls zu Fuß zu kommen! Wir bitten um Verständnis.
Due to a changement of flights it is not possible for Julian Lage to play on the 4th of November in Vienna. The concert is postponed to the 9th of may 2023. Lage guarantees that in worst case he will walk to Vienna! Please understand

Guitarist Julian Lage expands his horizons on View With A Room, a collection of 10 compelling original compositions that marks his second release for Blue Note Records. Having established a home base with his brilliant and deeply attuned trio of bassist Jorge Roeder and drummer Dave King—most recently heard on the guitarist’s acclaimed 2021 Blue Note debut Squint—Lage casts his gaze outward to discover new orchestrational possibilities with the addition of six-string icon Bill Frisell, who adds his inimitable voice to this absolutely stunning album.

Hailed as one of the most prodigious guitarists of his generation and “highest category of improvising musicians" (New Yorker), Julian Lage has spent more than a decade searching through the myriad strains of American musical history via impeccable technique, free association and a spirit of infinite possibility. The California-born New York-based musician boasts a prolific resume on his own accord in addition to collaborating with Gary Burton and John Zorn, as well as duo projects with Nels Cline, Chris Eldridge and Fred Hersch, among others.