Thu April 27, 2023
FM4 Indiekiste presents

Charlie Cunningham (GB)

sold out !

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Für dieses Konzert gibt es keine Erlaubnis für den Live-Stream. Wir bedauern...
There is no live stream permission for this concert. We regret...

Originally from Bedfordshire but currently a resident of Oxford, CHARLIE CUNNINGHAM has been the focus of much attention over recent months, with name-checks on BBC Radio 1 as both a Bloggers Choice for 2014 and Zane Lowe's Next Hype.

Performing on a nylon stringed guitar, his rhythmic and percussive style seems to create a bigger sound than one man with a simple instrument could rightfully claim. It's a skill that he honed during two years studying guitar in Seville, the birthplace of Flamenco, and it is this time that has afforded him a remarkable understanding of his playing.

His songs, laden with delicate flourishes and intricate melodic turns but also moments of stark introspection, feel both expansive and intimate and leave the listener with a lingering sense of bitter-sweet optimism. His vocals and lyrics feel immediate and familiar but reward further listening with a deeper understanding of what his work is striving towards.

If the handful of tracks that have appeared online so far are anything to go by, CHARLIE CUNNINGHAM is an artist with a huge amount to offer.