Fri May 19, 2023

Dai Fujikura / Jan Bang / Eivind Aarset / Franz Hautzinger 'The Bow Maker' (J/N/A)

Dai Fujikura: composition, sounds
Jan Bang: sampler, sounds
Eivind Aarset: guitar, electronics
Franz Hautzinger: trumpet, electronics

The Bow Maker began as a collaborative project between Japanese composer Dai Fujikura and Norwegian sound artist Jan Bang. Fujikura’s minimalist approach to composition and Bang’s electronic sound processing give rise to a timeless, subtle and immersive tonal landscape. Together with Norwegian guitarist Eivind Aarset and Austrian trumpeter Franz Hautzinger, the duo creates an auditory experience that transports the audience into a multidimensional sound space. The boundaries between acoustic and electronic music blur into a contemplative sensory experience.