Fri June 2, 2023

Agnes Hvizdalek Solo / Agnes Hvizdalek & Jakob Schneidewind 'Voices Inside Machines' (A)

21 Uhr (Strenge Kammer)
Agnes Hvizdalek: solo
Jakob Schneidewind: Voices inside Machines
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2. Set 22.30h PNØ (Mainstage)
Agnes Hvizdalek: vocals
Jakob Schneidewind: electronics

3. Set 24h Yuzu (Dj-set) (Mainstage)

Austrian singer and vocal artist Agnes Hvizdalek is known for her experimental vocal performances in which she manipulates the sound of her voice using techniques such as throat singing and overtone singing. In his performances, Jakob Schneidewind of the Austrian electronic band Elektro Guzzi uses drum computers, synthesizers and special effects to fuse electronic tones into a dynamic sound. Together, as PNØ, Hvizdalek and Schneidewind create an innovative sound experience that pushes the boundaries of acoustic and electronic music.