Tue Feb. 6, 2024

Antonis Anissegos 'Piano Desktop Complete' – composed by Johannes Wohlgenannt (GR/D/A)

Antonis Anissegos: piano, electronics
Johannes Wohlgenannt Zincke: compositions

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Greek pianist Antonis Anissegos, who’s been based in Berlin since 1998, is a musician of serious versatility. Any single recording by him can only provide an incomplete glimpse at his range and interests. He’s a crucial presence in saxophonist Silke Eberhard’s hard-swinging Potsa Lotsa Plus, while in 2019 he released a stunning interpretation of Morton Feldman’s Patterns In A Chromatic Field with cellist Mathis Mayr. This bracing new solo recording comes as close as any single title in his discography of capturing his aesthetic. He made Free Radicals in June of 2020 during the first lockdown in Berlin, creating 19 improvised vignettes, most of which unfold in the shadow of subtle electronics. His jagged, often gestural lines and fractal patterns are frequently processed through effects pedals and a ring modulator, accenting acoustic tones with needling, otherworldly responses that seem have to a mind of their own. Could these be the free radicals of the album title? Either way, his angular explorations, both unadorned and contorted within an electro-hall-of-mirrors, are detail-rich excursions riddled with heady surprises, as 20th century classical language is mutated by state-of-now improvisational gambits. (Peter Margasak, The Quietus, 27 July 2021)