Wed Feb. 28, 2024
Akkordeonfestival 2024

Marko Hatlak Band (SLO)

Marko Hatlak: accordion, vocals
Žiga Kožar: drums
Leon Firšt: keyboards
Erik Čebokli: bass
Lazaro Zumeta: percussion, violin

Virtuosity and pontificating rhythms

"How about an evening of high-quality, danceable pop-latino-funk-rock, virtuosically played and rhythmically pointed music; full of energy, playful and fresh; so that the audience feels entertained and inspired at the same time? You know... One of those legendary sit-down concerts where everyone ends up dancing standing up?"

A conversation about the organization of this Monday evening could have sounded something like this and was answered to the great (pre)delight of Marko Hatlak on accordion and his top-class band on drums, percussion, bass, keyboards and violin!