Mon Feb. 12, 2024

Luca Weigl Trio 'doubleMe3'

Luca Weigl: bass
Rafael Denkmayr: tenor saxophone
Lan Sticker: drums

Beautiful and quite wild music about what moves and sometimes makes you despair. Inspired by the wondrous and amazed by the complexity of this world, I marvel at the (in)ability to feel and build bridges over inner gorges. The three of us, Lan Sticker and Rafael Denkmayr, discover the unusual in ourselves and search for our doppelgangers. We expand our expressive possibilities (double bass, saxophone & drums) with effects and play songs that are as ambivalent as life itself.

The band 'doubleMe3' was founded in 2023 by Luca Weigl with the desire for a means of expression and a platform for the personal. The aim was to realize original compositions that would prove to him that instrumental jazz music can also convey emotions. The result is music that comes from the heart, touches other hearts and can be found at the interface between contemporary jazz, avant-garde and pop. The unusual instrumentation and electronic effects, which open up another world in addition to the acoustic sounds, create a very special atmosphere. With titles such as "From now on I'll be angry" or "How fast do you feel", the trio has succeeded not only in developing extremely modern-sounding music, but also in weaving in content and feelings that are presented from the heart. (press release)