Mon March 4, 2024

Horst Prillinger: electric guitar
Michael O'Rourke: electric cello

Since its foundation in 2017, the duo Orp has been creating expansive sound textures somewhere between electro-acoustic improvisation, ambient and drone, without being clearly assignable to a genre. Based on electric cello and electric guitar, which are repeatedly alienated and multiplied by a large number of effect devices, they create musical energy patterns that sometimes sound as massive as if they came directly from a power station, sometimes as fragile as if they were floating in the air like individual snowflakes.

Radio FM4 described the music as "wintry, glittering, slowly smoldering sound meditations, noise-drone-ambient jazz in slow motion, whose individual layers only melt away bit by bit."

The last, now sixth CD release "OOO" was released in 2022 and is available in selected Viennese record stores (e.g. Substance, Rave Up, Mord+Musik) or can be listened to via all streaming services.