Mon March 18, 2024

Sara Zlanabitnig: flute, effects
Thomas Grimm: bassoon, effects

Since their formation in 2017, Sara Zlanabitnig (flute & effects) and Thomas Grimm (bassoon & effects) have been exploring a sacred off, away from the mainstream and conventions as the duo Guided by improvisation and concepts, they are constantly discovering new textures, with which dense surfaces are created, but also fragile sound scaffolds are constructed. The result transports a:n somewhere in a multi-layered landscape between noise and drone, with many air and flap constructions.

Sara and Thomas know each other from a university setting, where they discovered a shared love of improvisation. For them, the joint exploration of abstract sounds (multiphonics, circular breathing, false fingerings, self-developed playing techniques etc.) on their classically connoted instruments is central. This approach is expanded with a conglomeration of analog effect devices through which some of these sounds are chased.