Mon March 25, 2024

Veronika Mayer: live-electronics
Gobi Drab: paetzold recorder, voice

mayer + drab move stylistically between free improvisation and new music. They create moving sound textures from instruments, voice and electronics. Their music takes on a lyrical character through the use of speech sounds and verbal rhythms and stands in the field of tension between sonic complement and sonic contrast through the duo's instrumentation. The duo's unconventional sounds, which are as fascinating as they are brittle, challenge the audience to question listening habits and engage with new sonic structures.

mayer + drab are featured on the sampler Fraufeld Vol. 3 and have played at the Wien Modern Festival, Kultursommer Wien, Festival music unlimited Wels (in a trio with Lucie Vítková), among others "Time contracts the sphere of banality. (Banality is, strictly speaking, always a category of the contemporary.) What was banal can, with the passage of time, become fantastic."
(Susan Sontag: Notes on Camp, § 31)