Mon Oct. 7, 2024

Rebeka Rusjan Zajc (SLO) / Resnik & Šalamon & Ber Trio (SLO/BE)

Rebeka Rusjan Zajc
Rebeka Rusjan Zajc: piano

Resnik / Šalamon / Ber Trio
Cene Resnik: tenor saxophone
Samo Šalamon: guitar
Samuel Ber: drums

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Rebeka Rusjan Zajc
With her extraordinary debut album, Prelude, young Slovenian pianist Rebeka Rusjan Zajc (now residing in Amsterdam), announces herself as a precocious new talent, already forging her own distinctive art language, navigating the bountiful margins between non-idiomatic improvisation, jazz and classical music.
Across this disc’s sole extended piece, ‘Illusion’, she marshals a dynamic carnival of boundless extemporisation, full of instinctive runs and dramatically tumbling rubato, vivid constellations initiated in the imagination hyperdrive of her striking real-time composition. Passages of impish scherzo conjure fantastical images of surreal painted bestiaries, while converging notes rush like snaking rapids across the clashing rocks of atonalism. Evocative and oozing energy, this beguiling music clamours for allegory, voraciously fuelling fictional chimeras on its virtuosic feasts.
Prelude marks both an auspicious beginning and significant whistle-stop, a timely mustering of pooled practices, techniques and theories, its deftly weaved patterns and starry pointillism heralding an exciting new name in jazz. Rebeka Rusjan Zajc: dream weaver.

Resnik / Šalamon / Ber Trio
Cene Resnik (1978) saxophonist, improvisator mit viel Erfahrung im spielen kreativer, freier Musik, mit vielen internationalen Zusammenarbeiten, lebt in Ljubljana.
Von 1997-2007 war er Mitglied der slowenischen Rockgruppe Siddartha, schloss 2007 sein Studium des Jazzsaxophons in Klagenfurt ab und besuchte dann regelmäßig zwei Jahre lang New York für intensive musikalische Studien, um die Szene kennenzulernen und Bühnenerfahrung zu sammeln. Von 2007-2013 reiste er nach Indien, um vor allem den Buddhismus zu studieren und Meditationsretreats nach tibetischer Tradition zu machen. Seit 2012 hat er eine Reihe von von der Kritik gefeierten Projekten für renommierte Plattenlabels realisiert. (Pressetext)

Samo Salamon is one of the most talented young guitarists and composers to emerge on today's jazz scene. So far he has recorded and played with many great jazz musicians like John Scofield, Paul McCandless, Mark Turner, Michel Godard, Tim Berne, Dominique Pifarely, Donny McCaslin, Nguyen Le, Drew Gress, Tony Malaby, Mark Helias, Tom Rainey, Dave Binney, Josh Roseman, Gerald Cleaver, Julian Arguelles, John Hebert, Loren Stillman, John O'Gallagher, Bruno Chevillon, Nguyen Le, Alex Machacek, Carlo DeRosa, Tyshawn Sorey, Matt Brewer, Luciano Biondini, Dejan Terzic, Roberto Dani, Rudi Mahall, and others. So far he has recorded 14 albums as a leader for labels Fresh Sound New Talent and Splasch Records. (Pressetext)