Sun April 22, 2018

Pat Martino Trio 'Formidable' (USA)

Pat Martino: guitar
Pat Bianchi: hammond organ
Carmen Intorre, Jr.: drums

FORMIDABLE is the title of Pat Martino's first studio recording as a bandleader in 11 years and it is an excellent metaphor for the guitarist's fearless and virtuosic playing. Martino grew up in Philadelphia, PA, a musical melting pot where many jazz greats began their journey, so perhaps it's of little surprise that he emerged as one of the most exciting guitar players in the 1960s, having already developed a mature style by the age of 20. Today, the guitarist still plays his instrument with the same fiery enthusiasm that he had as a young player first making his name, having lost none of his talent for furious, daring improvisations, or hard-swinging grooves. Martino's core trio featuring Pat Bianchi and Carmen Intorre, Jr., is here augmented by the fiery saxophone of Adam Niewood and the forceful trumpet of Alex Norris. Martino's excellent choice of sidemen was made evident by the thoughtful communication and sense of fun shared between Martino and his colleagues.

2018 is also the 50th anniversary of his first ever album which was released in 1968.