Sun May 6, 2018

Lage Lund Trio (N/USA)

Lage Lund: guitar
Matt Brewer: bass
Justin Faulkner: drums

Lage Lund is acclaimed not only as one of the finest guitarists of his generation, but also one of the most compelling jazz artists in the world today. He is a regular in the ‘Rising star – Guitar’ category in the Downbeat Critic’s Poll and has been hailed by Pat Metheny as a favourite young guitarist. According to Russell Malone, one of the judges who awarded Lage Lund top prize in the 2005 Thelonious Monk International Jazz Competition, Lund's music is “all music and all soul”.

Armed with a mastery of the standard repertoire and a growing and impressive body of original compositions, Lage Lund swings with great authority, displaying a staggering harmonic sophistication and a singularly fluid voice as a soloist. He also brings a “casually magnetic” presence to the stage, “channeling reticence into a whisper-quiet mystique” (New York Times).

For the 2017 European tour, Lage Lund Trio will bring music from his greatly reviewed and impressive latest release 'Idlewild' but also new tunes that from the new project Lage Lund is working on. The tour in 2016 showed the exact force Lage Lund provides. As he continues to refine his artistry. Together with his fellow musicians Matt Brewer and Johnathan Blake, the trio will bring a whole new powerful and exciting direction to the new trio, bringing tonal clarity and an unerring sense of proportion to their music.

This new tour will show the trio´s way of expressing excellence and taking the guitar trio setting to a whole new level.

Through stateside appearances and live engagements throughout Europe, Japan and around the world, Lage Lund has ascended to the highest ranks as a performer and a creative force. He is among those setting the agenda for jazz improvisation in the 21st century.