Fri June 1, 2018

Moped Loewen (HUN/PL/HR/A/BRA)

Daniel Varga: vocals, alto saxophone, flute
Piotr Lipowicz: guitar
Fabian Supancic: hammond organ
Ivar Krizic: bass
Matheus Jardim: drums

Moped Loewen started as a jazz quartet. Our interpretation of the jazz language was very interesting and entertaining yet not enough connected with the soil we grew in. As an experiment, we spilled a bunch of tiny rocks into our polished jazzy derbies to start feeling a little uncomfortable. As a result, Moped Loewen stopped being a jazz quartet. We got used to having tiny rocks in our shoes. That was a good omen.With jazz in our hearts, rock in our ears and eyes sticked to a Leslie speaker, we are finally ready to sit on the mopeds and confidently ride into your ears. (Pressetext)