Mon Dec. 24, 2018
Christmas Special

Marina & The Kats (A)

Marina Zettl: vocals, snare
Thomas Mauerhofer: guitar, vocals
Peter Schoenbauer: bass, bass drum, vocals
& special guests

Racy gypsy guitars, nimble melodies, airy snare drums and Marina‘s uniquely charming voice conflate into a nostalgic cocktail - ready to be enjoyed not only at breakfast but also in the evenings at the dance café, bringing immediate smiles to everyone.

The world’s smallest Big Band played their first show in February 2015 and has been touring ever since. So far they have been to The United States, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Rumania, Hungary, Slovakia, France and Austria.

Just one year after the release of their Debut LP „Small“, Marina & The Kats are back in the studio. And this time, the outcome is a vinyl double-album called „Wild“, which features no less than 16 new songs.

Marina & The Kats take you on a dreamy journey into the times of Django Reinhart and Cab Calloway, the Divas and the Crooners, the Lindy Hops and the Collegiate Shags, and you still land softly in the here and now.

The band’s third birthday is coming up and not only have they built up a reputation internationally, but are also transforming their experiences and impressions of over 180 concerts into the new songs. Reasons enough to be curious about what stories the Austrian musicians will have in store on their third studio album!