Sun Nov. 11, 2018
KlezMORE Festival Vienna

Moritz Weiss Klezmer Trio (A) / Sasha Lurje & Di Zaftike Kapelye (LV/GB/USA)

Moritz Weiss Klezmer Trio
Moritz Weiß: Klarinette
Niki Waltersdorfer: Gitarre, Perkussion
Maximilian Kreuzer: Kontrabass

Sasha Lurje & Di Zaftike Kapelye
Sasha Lurje: Stimme
Flora Curzon: Fiddle
Craig Judelman: Fiddle
Francesca Ter-Berg: Cello

Moritz Weiss Klezmer Trio
Formed in Styria in 2015 the Moritz Weiß Klezmer Trio started as a mere Klezmer band. With the release of their first album „Spheres“ in 2017 they expanded their sound, displaying influences from Jazz and classical music. But still they love to entertain their audience with some fast and catchy pieces of music.

Sasha Lurje & Di Zaftike Kapelye
Berlin based singer Sasha Lurje explores a not-so-well-known form of Jewish music with this new formation. The music of a Jewish home was a tradition of songs mostly sung by women and occasionally accompanied by string instruments. This project goes back to that sound, letting new facets of old traditions shine. Fierce, energetic and imaginative yet deeply rooted and connected to not just the music but the lives of the musicians, this is a „zaftik“ (juicy) and entrancing new soundscape that will move your heart and feet!