Mon Jan. 27, 2020

Phoebe Violet: vocals, violin
Agata Sikorska: violin
Zsófia Günther-Mészáros: cello
Mathias Krispin Bucher: bass

We are a Vienna-based quartet. All the scores we play are original compositions by Phoebe Violet. Our sound consists of a mélange between classical, Latin-American and pop music, creating a very unique sound aesthetic we call Latin Chamber Pop. Lead singer and violinist Phoebe Violet brings back to life the roots of traditional Latin American song: dramatic story-telling filled with poetry and emotions and, of course, in Spanish. The compositions are strongly influenced by classical music. Vast instrumental solos remind of quartets by composers W.A. Mozart, A. Dvořák and F. Schubert. The songs mantain the structural background of a pop song, catchy and melodic in its approach whilst allowing improvisation to take place.
The main focus is to communicate a very precise overall message to the audience.
And we do so through Latin Chamber Pop.