Sun Sept. 6, 2020

Billy Bob Thornton & The Boxmasters (USA)

canceled !

Das Konzert ist leider abgesagt und wird nicht verschoben. Gekaufte Tickets werden gegen Gutscheine eingetauscht. Bitte um Verständnis. P&B-Team

Formed in 2007, The Boxmasters have recorded an impressive and diverse catalogue of music that touches on their love of a wide array of influences, but most importantly, the rock and roll of the 1960’s. With roots deeply seeded in their love of music that featured strong “story” songs, The Boxmasters (J.D. Andrew and Bud Thornton) have established themselves as one of the most prolific Americana/Roots-rock bands of the day and have built a die-hard fan base performing to sold-out audiences in intimate venues as well as large festivals.