Sat April 11, 2020

Jelena Popržan 'La Folia' (A/SRB)

Jelena Popržan: 5-saitige Viola, Gesang, Looper, Maulgeige, Glasharmonika...

"Check out this seriously talented musician who will blow your mind with her viola ...

... she brings a Rock ‘n’ Roll aesthetic to what some see as a bloated violin ...

... Jelena sounds cooler than a cucumber to us!"

– Wurstelstand (AT 2020)

"An album on which the gates to musical diversity are being opened wide: the violist and singer JELENA POPRŽAN shows on her solo debut “La Folia” (Lotus Records) in a stirring way what kind of extraordinary things can come about once one breaks away from all classical musical concepts."

– Music Export Austria (2020)