Thu Sept. 3, 2020

OnQ.20-Festival – Part II

Thomas Frey: flute
Martin Eberle, Lorenz Raab, Damaris Richerts, Dominic Fuss: trumpets
Daniel Riegler, Matthias Muche: trombone
Wolfgang Puschnig, Fabian Rucker, Astrid Wiesinger, Clemens Salesny, Viola Falb, Anna Tsombanis, Leonhard Skorupa: reeds
Emily Stewart, Sophia Goidinger-Koch, Florian Sieghartinger, Martina Bischof, Marianna Oczkowska: violins
Julia Purgina: viola
Maiken Beer, Cornelia Burghardt, Clemens Sainitzer: cello
Peter Rom: guitar
Michael Tiefenbacher: keyboards
Beate Wiesinger, Tobias Vedovelli, Philipp Kienberger: bass
Herbert Pirker, Michael Prowaznik, Andreas Lettner, Herbert Bründlmayer: drums
Margit Schoberleitner: percussion
Ceren Oran: soundpainting
Michael Tiefenbacher, Tobias Vedovelli, Ralph Mothwurf, Beate Wiesinger, Viola Falb, Phil Yaeger

The onQ.20 festival was created on the initiative of Tobias Vedovelli and Michael Tiefenbacher. To create a musical compositional working environment in the sense of (or better: in spite of) "social distancing" in times of initial restrictions due to COVID. This approach quickly developed into a much larger project involving a number of well-known local musicians, who all wanted to continue working on music together during the quarantine. We are now bringing the music to the stage, officially heralding the reopening of @porgyandbess after the quarantine. On September 2nd and 3rd the club will host the festival with 6 sets on 2 evenings with countless musicians presenting the music, that was created despite/because of and during the quarantine. (Pressetext)