Wed June 3, 2020

KŒNIG Solo 'Messing' (A) – Special Edition Release Show

Lukas König: drums, synths, vox
Bernhard Rasinger: laser

Release Show/Plattenpräsentation 'Messing' (Ventil Records 2020)

Wir stellen ab ca. 20h auf "Now Live" und dann tut sich automatisch ein Fenster auf, wo Sie via Vimeo kostenlos und ohne irgendeine Registrierung das Konzert miterleben können. Wenn Sie wollen, unterstützen Sie dieses Projekt über "Pay as you wish". Vielen Dank & Willkommen im (virtuellen) Club!

Seit dem 29. Mai dürfen wir (eingeschränkt) Publikum in den Club lassen und zwar dergestalt, dass zwischen den Sitzplätzen mindestens ein Meter Abstand gehalten wird. Wir haben nun alle möglichen Sitzplatzvarianten ausprobiert und glauben eine praktikable Lösung für knapp 90 Besucher gefunden zu haben. Rechtzeitig Karten sichern & Willkommen im Club! CH

Around 8 p.m. we switch to “Now Live”. A window will open and you can watch the show via Vimeo – free of charge and without signing up. You can support this project via “Pay as you wish”. Many thanks and welcome to the (virtual) club!

As of May 29th we are allowed to invite a (limited) audience to the club, if a minimum distance of 1 meter between seats is guaranteed. We’ve tested a lot of seating variations and are convinced we have worked out a practical solution for almost 90 spectators. Please make sure to get your tickets in advance – welcome to the club!

»MESSING« is the German noun for brass, a metal that is a component of percussion cymbals. Messing/brass is the cheapest metal alloy for cymbals. Therefore it is easily deformable and bendable.»MESSING« as an English verb which describes a chaotic handling.Not chaotic at all is Lukas König's impressive sound study presented here. The internationally acclaimed drummer concentrated only on a single cymbal (brass plate) as a sound source, messed around with it and therefore discovered new possibilities for sound developments. According to Kœnig, this reduction in means can be attributed to the loss of his rehearsal room and additionally to an acute lack of space, which is also connected to his constant commuting between New York and Vienna. The warehouse was converted into a quiet rehearsal room, where he explored his dexterity on the cymbal and its tonal characteristics using contact microphones and headphones, and perfected his technique to this end. And this reduction of means bore fruit.In the studio, in intensive cooperation with producer Nik Hummer, various microphoning and amplification techniques were used, in some places the metal sound is supplemented and filtered by Hummer's modular synth. König composed tracks with complex but always driving rhythmic patterns, whose raw- and directness give them a unique aesthetic, an extraordinary punch and also a special acousmatic charm. The pieces oscillate between abstract sound fields (Hot Springs) and more catchy, groove-based pieces. Three times he has them supported by vocalists*, which gives the tracks featured by Elvin Brandhi (track 2) and Coco Béchamel (track 7) a riot character and a decidedly political dimension. On track 4 (Mr.Kiwi's) the New York based rapper Sensational is featured.»MESSING« by Kœnig is a courageous statement that rejects straightforward pop and instead shines with artistic freedom and the will for change. The metal, the brass, always reverberates, at times mercilessly pounding on us, driving us forward, resonating. An artistically valuable and independent work by one of the most remarkable drummers of these times.