Sun Oct. 29, 2017

Henri Texier Hope Quartet (F)

Henri Texier: bass
Sebastien Texier: alto saxophone, clarinet
Francois Corneloup: tenor saxophone
Louis Moutin: drums

A Revelation!
There are groups that one constructs painstakingly, one element at a time, and then there are those that just spring up on you, like an epiphany. This is truly the first time that a group simply crept up from behind and surprised me! Unexpectedly gathered together during a residency offered to Sébastien Texier by L’Improviste, a welcoming club located on a Paris barge, this Quartet spontaneously found itself „in orbit“ at equal distances around a common sphere. Even though I had known him for many years, I had never played with Louis Moutin. But Sébastien, François, Louis and I struck an instantaneous balance with each other… a novel sort of dance. It was a unique feeling of complementarity on an amazing level, where our ideas met and intermingled effortlessly… like telepathy. (Henry Texier)