Fri Dec. 22, 2017

Jon Sass' Souluba (A/USA/CU/BRA/ZIM)

Jon Sass: tuba, rap
Futurelove Sibanda: vocals, percussion
Eldis La Rosa Monier: alto saxophone, flute, percussion
Fagner Wesley: keyboards
Jörg Mikula: drums
special guest: Rachelle Jeanty: vocals

Breeze of Life is a original journey rooted in a sound of the bass tuba and voice. The music is a mix of gourmet food for the soul in a blend of generations. The tuba player and singer of the band are father and son who set out to share their musical worlds. The formation and music are both original, blending a range of stylistic vocabularies flavoring the music, from Jazz, Funk, R&B , Latin and Carribean elements yet, sets its own niche.

SOULUBA mirrors seeds planted from recent generations of singers in Jon’s family. For Jon, there is without a doubt a connection between his musical bond with Jonny and Jon’s father, a lead Gospel singer who he has never met.

Having grown up in Harlem, New York City at a time where the quality of creative integrity and the high humanity generated from the music of 60’s & 70’s remains, as a strong influence for Jon’s vision with the band. Although technology is strongly connected to the lifestyle of today’s younger generations, music shared, can be a space where the inner child of all generations and cultures meet, sing and speak, planting seeds for generations to come.