Thu April 26, 2018

MOPCUT 2/3 (F/A)

Julien Desprez: electric guitar
Lukas König: drums, synthesizer, voice

MOPCUT 2/3 is a DUO-Preview for the trio MOPCUT, which will be presented at this year’s Donaufestival Krems on the 27th of April (with Audrey Chen). MOPCUT is a medium-length noise-style that covers the head and ears with a vertical bang and a horizontal wave. It's a popular style for all ages, genders and generations.The soundscape should be trimmed evenly all around the circumference so that the noise at the front reaches the inner eye while the waves on the sides cover (or almost fully cover) the ears. The beats at the back maintain the same length as the samples at the front and sides. Once the overall sound is achieved, trimming is used to achieve minimalism or maximalism, depending. Improvisation, noise and electronic beats work well as backgrounds for the MOPCUT. Electronic appliances and devices may be used to give the MOPCUT a bit more volume, but effects may lead to standing up instead of hanging low.

MOPCUT 2/3 is Lukas König and Julien Desprez

Evolving between sound art, performance and contemporary improvisational music, his work today is centered around all the questions that exist within a stage space, through body, space, sight and light, but where the sound remains the central pillar.He played with Charlie Haden, Mats Gustafson, Jeanne Added, Edward Perraud, Thomas Depourquery, François Jeanneau, Louis Sclavis, Stephane Payen, Guillaume Orti, Benoit Delbecq, Tortoise, Han Bennink, Hubert Dupont, Rob Mazurek, JeffParker, Frank Vaillant, Gilles Coronado, Marc Duckte and many more.

Born in St.Pölten, Koenig played with a variety of international artists such as Reggie Washington, Briggan Krauss, Malcolm Braff, Jorge Sánchez-Chiong, David Murray, Wolfgang Mitterer, Klangforum Wien, Jazzwerkstatt Wien, Maja Osojnik, Wolfgang Puschnig, Shahzad Ismaily and many more. Aside performing with bands like Kompost3, 5K HD, Koenigleopold and other projects based in Vienna, he has developed a solo-concept, KŒNIG, which combines live-drums, synthesizers and a rapping-voice simultaneously played and creates a live-performance between Hiphop and Noise.