Sun June 10, 2018

The Art of the Quartet w/ Peter Erskine, Kenny Werner, Johannes Weidenmüller & Benjamin Koppel (USA/DK)

Peter Erskine: drums
Kenny Werner: piano
Johannes Weidenmüller: bass
Benjamin Koppel: alto saxophone

THE ART OF THE QUARTET is the name of an all-star band, consisting of four of the most in-demand, versatile and topclass jazzmusicians on the scene today. Between them they have worked with who’s who in jazz, but this time they have decided to come together and refine the potential of the classic jazz quartet formation.

All four musicians contribute compositions, which draw inspiration from expressions as diverse as sax legend John Coltrane, the classical composer Charles Ives, “Hawaii Bathing Opportunities” and “Odd-Meter Fusion”. The works are tied together by four virtuosos who have taken interplay and collective musical dialogue to a new level.

For almost a decade, one of the most prominent European jazz soloists, saxophonist Benjamin Koppel and the iconic American jazz pianist Kenny Werner have had a long and fruitful collaboration. Their work together comprises more than 10 albums, including a widely praised duo album ”Walden,” and an album by their collective ”Coalition” with Lionel Loueke and Miguel Zenon.

They have played and recorded together numerous times alongside greats like Jim Hall, Joe Lovano, Lee Konitz, Randy Brecker, Chris Potter, Bobby Watson, Davíd Sanchez, Avishai Cohen, and continue to challenge each other musically with new and innovative projects both in the US and in Europe. Since 2012, Benjamin Koppel has recorded several albums with the trio collective he created with drummer Brian Blade and bassist Scott Colley.

Koppel and Erskine have played and recorded together; in 2011 they released the album ”OneTwoThreeFour.” And Peter and Kenny go way back. All in all, these four musicians know each other more than well, and are both musically and personally tight connected. It is therefore only natural that they formed ”The Art of the Quartet,” a new band that premiered at the Copenhagen Jazz Festival. And now the musicians as well as audiences have demanded a re-run, more concerts, touring, and eventually albums! (Pressetext)