Thu Oct. 25, 2018

Vincent Peirani 'Living Being 2' (F)

Vincent Peirani: accordion, voice
Tony Paeleman: fender rhodes, effects
Julien Herné: bass, effects
Yoann Serra: drums

Mit freundlicher Unterstütung des Institut Français de Vienne

Vincent Peirani is a jazz musician who is equally at home in world music, or classical music, chanson or pop. Yet what the listener will hear from his new album is that he has transformed the accordion into the baddest of Rock'n'Roll axes. On ›Night Walker‹ the Frenchman shines. His quintet with extensive experience of playing together produces fiery Led Zeppelin covers and has a sound that not only crosses genres but is also completely unique.

When Vincent Peirani says his band wants to be a »chamber rock music orchestra«, it may sound like ›Rock meets Classic‹ bombast. But Living Being, this powerful beast of a jazz band, is exactly the opposite. A supple little animal that moves elegantly on any terrain without ever leaving the path, but can grow into a muscular carnivore at any time. ›Living Being II - Night Walker‹ is the proof –it's the both the most delicate and the most powerful album of the year.