Wed Oct. 10, 2018
Radio Superfly presents

Streetsounds ft. Picaro(s) (F) / U.F.O. (H) / Mundakrobaten (A)

Antoine Beaudoin Humbert: vocals, guitar, synthesizer, beatbox, loop
Guillaume Fleuriot: bass, vocals
David Halasz: drums, percussion, vocals
Celina Diwisch: vocals
Florian Graf: keyboards
Alexandre Fedorenko: guitar

saxophone, bass and percussion tba

Geo Popoff, Slizzer: beatbox

Picaro(s) (ˈpēkərō), n.m. see Picaresque novel. Cynical and casual counterpart of the noble Knight. Free in his actions and morals, the Picaro skillfully navigates the challenges of surviving in different cultures and social classes of which he speaks with humour and realism.
Combining influences from the world he travels, Antoine uses his music as a passport. After five years on the road, he is bringing his first album to life in the most prestigious Porgy & Bess. Recorded in Canada, France and Austria, the album is already a most promising masterpiece. A lucky idiot? A true artist? Come and find out for yourself!

Underground Funk Orchestra aka U.F.O is a young and fresh, naturally occuring phenomenon, born in the passages of metro stations in Budapest, Hungary, cheering up commuting people, groovin' everyday problems outta the way. In the course of the last four years, the project has seen many different kind of setups, on this occasion there's a surprise setup! Prepare clean underwear for the bombastic funk grooves, they'll bring up your dance moves! Let's get on down!

Geo Popoff and Slizzer, two Vocalartists and official champions in their artform gonna represent the first Beatboxclub from Vienna. With their huge genrespectrum from Jazz, Afro Beat,HipHop to Techno and DnB they have fascinated audiences all over europe. Only with their mouths this two internationally renowned artists create mindblowing musical pieces and instantly let the listerners feel the joy of Beatbox.