Thu June 13, 2019

Sandro Zerafa 'More Light' Quartet (MLT/ISR/F)

Sandro Zerafa: guitar
Yonathan Avishai: piano
Yoni Zelnik: bass
Lukmil Perez-Herrera: drums

Born in Malta in 1975. After several years of classical guitar studies, Sandro found himself inadvertently in a musical limbo, during which he was listening to Sonic Youth, Heitor Villa-Lobos and Miles Davis at the same time. Following this post-adolescent crisis he consecrated himself to jazz. Was traumatised by a John Scofield performance at the Malta Jazz Festival. A period ensued where he painfully dismembered jazz standards on the island of Malta, in search for an ‘identity’.

After graduating with Honours in Music from the University of Malta he moved to Lyons - capital of the tripe sausage. Started gigging, discovered Ornette Coleman, ate more tripe sausage. Graduated with a medaille d’or in jazz guitar from the Lyons Conservatory and in search of further mental desequilibrium he moved to Paris, where he’s been living since then.

Won several awards at successive editions of La Defense National Jazz Contest, and has been very active on the local jazz scene. Sandro can be heard with his own quartet, Nico Gori European 4tet, Robin Nicaise 6tet, Decaphonic Orchestra, Fabio Accardi Band. When not playing guitar he can be spotted jogging in Vincennes park in another vain attempt to reduce weight.

Sandro never quit loving Heitor Villa Lobos - he is in fact an in-demand accompanist in Brazilian music projects. He has worked with singers Aline de Lima, Catia Werneck, Marcia Maria, Johanne Sayada and pandeirista Sergo Krakowski. Sandro is still in search of an experience equalling that of drinking caipirinhas at sundown in Ipanema.

Sandro has toured in France, Belgium, Italy, S.Korea, Brazil, Switzerland, Cyprus, Greece, Malta, Turkey etc. He still hasn’t figured out how to attain his financial goals, but he has learnt how to make a good porcini risotto.

Supported by the Cultural Diplomacy Fund of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade Promotion of Malta