Mon Sept. 23, 2019

Amarcord Wien (A)

Sebastian Gürtler: violin
Michael Williams: cello
Gerhard Muthspiel: bass
Tommaso Huber: accordion

Astor Piazzolla is our father. His music inspired, fascinated and drew us together. The Genesis of our Ensemble was, without us even knowing it, dedicated to him. Our first concert program was pure Astor Piazzolla and our first CD a pure Astor Piazzolla CD. Astor Piazzolla, what an incredible impact he has had on the musical map of the 20th century, and the seed his music planted in us has evolved to become Amarcord Wien,  continually exploring and developing in many different musical directions.
Now we celebrate our 20th anniversary and celebrate it together with Astor Piazzolla who will soon celebrate his 100th birthday! While it is not quite his 100th birthday yet we decided to start celebrating together with you, our wonderful audience, in the most beautiful Jazz and Music Club in the whole of Europe "Porgy & Bess", right in the heart of Vienna!