Mon April 13, 2020
Auf 5. Oktober verschoben...

Georg Graewe & Sonic Fiction Orchestra 'Fortschritt & Vergnügen' (D/A/AUS/HR)

postponed !

Georg Graewe: piano
Frank Gratkowski: clarinets
Maria Gstättner: bassoon
Sara Kowal: harp
Martin Siewert: guitars
Joanna Lewis: violin
Laura Strobl: viola
Asja Valcic: cello
Peter Herbert: bass
Wolfgang Reisinger: drums

neuer Termin:

Due to the ministry of social affairs’ decree we have to cancel or postpone announced concerts for the time being. Tickets for shows that have been cancelled will be refunded, of course. We kindly ask for your understanding that this might take some time. This situation is not an easy one for the non-profit association Porgy & Bess. If you want to support us, you can do so by opting for a voucher instead of a chargeback. Thank you very much!

P&B team