Fri Aug. 14, 2020

Jean-Paul Bourelly/Darryl Jones/Will Calhoun 'Stone Raiders' (USA)

canceled !

Jean-Paul Bourelly: guitar, vocals
Darryl Jones: bass
Will Calhoun: drums

LA in 2011. Jean-Paul Bourelly and Darryl Jones acted on a longtime promise: old friends would come together somehow, one day like the old days in Chicago basements. Something RocFunky, forward and functional. "That seems like the bulls eye when we come together" (JPB). Darryl Jones steps out as a song writer with the voice. Will Calhoun is what a modern drummer should be, worldy in tune with social rhythms, hinting that awareness is expressed both through the dome and the hips. Stone Raiders Truth to Power reveals new pathways, with the courage to walk that foggy path between early urban blue and channeling the spirits of today. They convince us of a possible new age through their strong mastery of groove and expression, willing to borrow from glorious roots and steer them towards a bright, creative future.