Mi 5. Februar 2014
In der Strengen Kammer:
In der Strengen Kammer: turn the corner!

Songs about trees

Alexander Chernyshkov: sound objects
Marina Poleukhina: voice, objects, toys

Alexander Chernyshkov is known as an acoustical researcher who developed a new sound palette using prepared wind instruments with tubes and hoses, electrical motors, mechanisms, high voltage relays and stepper motors. There is no electronic sounds, but only mechanisms and their acoustic reverberation.
Marina Poleukhina normally acts in a very specific and fragile sound space, where the very essence of sound is tightly articulated through its instability and many objects and devices resonate through distortion and a very tactile gesture. She would use different surfaces such as wood, glass, rubber. Some children toys. Any object of a daily life would sound in an unusual, compelling way.

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