Mo 29. Mai 2017

Marcelo Valezi: Tenosaxophone, Flute
Márton Fenyvesi: Guitar
Lajos Tóth: Piano
Ivar Krizic: Bass
Balázs Balogh: Drums

• BB Quintet was formed by BB​ in 2014. His goal was to create a group with an emphasis on original compositions besides his arrangements of standards, a jazz band with a unique sound for an ordinary instrumentation. His compositions are sometimes irregular - they may be built on an odd meter groove, an impressionistic pile of chords, or just a line of melody. The music is rooted in the tradition of jazz, but accumulates all the styles and feelings that influences the composer - from folk music to fusion, from post-bop to free jazz… (Pressetext)

Eintritt: Pay as you wish an der Abendkassa bzw. 7,50.- € im VVK inkl. Sitzplatzreservierung