Mon Dec. 6, 2021

Kick Jazz VI – Alexander Kranabetter 'Textures' / RaaDie / KRY (A)

Alexander Kranabetter
Alexander Kranabetter: trumpet, electronics

Lorenz Raab: trumpet

Christof Dienz: e-zither, electronics

Mona Matbou Riahi: clarinet, fx
Philipp Kienberger: bass
Alexander Yannilos: drums

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Alexander Kranabetter
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A trumpet meets e-zither and electronics. Together Lorenz Raab and Christof Dienz travel the wide world of sound and strive to always find new approaches, they seek the new and unfamiliar, break open and listen. They take risks and are not afraid of unexpected encounters. They cross soundscapes and swim in the sea of their own sounds. Music without a net!

KRY is an instrumental trio formed in Vienna in late 2019. Unattached to any specific genre or style, its sound is a revelry of simplicity and intuition, a celebration of complexity and control and an intricate fusion of its individual members broad musical spectrum.

The musicians are supported through: BMEIA – Federal Ministry Republic of Austria, European ans International Affairs / Culture