Wed Jan. 4, 2023

Wolfgang Puschnig 'Fulsome X' (A/USA)

Wolfgang Puschnig: alto saxophobe, flute
Asja Valcic: cello
Jon Sass: tuba
Reinhardt Winkler: drums


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With him one never had/has the feeling that a stylistic preference, also not within the planet jazz, would have a primary meaning in his work. The "jazz proximity" is undoubtedly a constant source of inspiration for him, but he listens to many musics of the world. Whether those of the present time or archaic ethnic origin. In this way, he removes the boundaries of his music. Moves the emotional power, the transcendent condition into the focus. Exactly this circumstance also raises his way of playing to a level of singularity. Wolfgang Puschnig is still a key figure in the jazz scene, or perhaps it would be better to say advanced "Musik aktuell". A "global player" in the best, truest sense. To be experienced for the umpteenth time with the formation mentioned here. On the program: Puschnig originals from different creative periods. Defined by the distinctive chromatic motives and their groovy structure. Enriched with the tonal color of that special instrumentation. Fed by collective precision. Progressively a stream of events that Puschnig expands with his melodic inexhaustibility. Partly written, partly in cantabile improvisations of unique semiotics. He with his eloquently articulated playing on the alto saxophone, a tone full of joie de vivre, reflects on Ornette Coleman and the blues just as naturally as he sounds out diverse folk music melos. Asja Valcic plays her cello with an improvisational relaxedness that is unparalleled. Deep sound virtuoso Jon Sass "intubates" deftly tricky walking lines, funky grooves. Reinhard Winkler weaves the rhythmic web with subtle thrust. À la Ed Blackwell the sticks danced over skins and brass and he is a master of the roll - so it becomes "Winklerian". What emotional warmth, attentive laisser-faire distinguishes any Puschnig team - "Vox Humana". Fulsome X - Awesome from A to Z.
(Hannes Schweiger)

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