Mon Feb. 27, 2023
Akkordeonfestival 2023

17 Hippies '9000 Nächte Tour' (D)

Knut Hagedorn: percussion
Kerstin Kaernbach: violin, singing saw
Benjamin Ostarek: clarinet
Daniel Cordes: bass
Dirk Trageser: guitar, santur, vocals
Kiki Sauer: accordion, vocals
Christopher Blenkinsop: ukulele, guitar, bouzuki, vocals
Daniel Friedrichs: violin, mandolin
Uwe Langer: trombone, euphonium, trumpet
Paul Brody: trumpet
Kruisko: accordion
Antje Henkel: clarinet, saxophone, flute

Founded in 1995, the Berlin 17 Hippies celebrated their 25th anniversary in the difficult corona year 2020. The desire for the musical encounters with their audience is unbroken for the multi-headed band: Eastern European influences, as well as those from the French Chanson and the US-American Folk make the abundance of instruments sound and grow.

When they sing, it is in French, English and German, always cosmopolitan in form and content: "Berlin Style"!

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