Mon May 22, 2023

Jakob Schauer & André Kellerberg

Jakob Schauer: electronics, synthesizer
André Kellerberg: piano

Acclaimed soundartist Jakob Schauer (AT), who made a name for himself in the Vienna music scene with thrilling sound installations and mesmerizing concerts that explore the realm of sound in all shapes and formes, and André Kellerberg (DE/CZ), neo-classical pianist and composer who brigdes and merges different genres with a distinct and fresh indie vibe, are getting together live for an exclusive session at the crossroads of sound if you will to celebrate the recent release of their first joined album "Chimera". Jakob Schauer on Synth and Computer and André Kellerberg on piano will enter into a unique electro-acoustic dialogue to explore the echo momentum between the different sound sources and create unique soundscapes. The limited tape edition of the new album "Chimera" will be available at the concert. (Pressetext)