Fri Oct. 13, 2023

Katarina Kochetova Trio (UA/SRB/A) / Notes & Tones Jazz Orchestra (A/D/ S/UA/SRB/USA)

Katarina Kochetova Trio – Trio Art Evolution
Katarina Kochetova: piano
Ivar Roban Križić: bass
Valentin Duit: drums

Notes & Tones Jazz Orchestra
Part 1 – Die Original Fritz Pauer Big Band Charts (1970 – 2008)
Part 2 – Fritz Pauer Musik arrangiert von zeitgenössischen Arrangeur:innen der Szene

Markus Pechmann, Simon Plötzeneder, Jakob Helling, Daniel Nösig: trumpets
Karel Eriksson, Mario Vavti, Johannes Herrlich, Christian Amstätter: trombones
Sebastian Gerhatz, Martin Fuss, Thomas Kugi, Herwig Gradischnig, Anna Tsombanis: reeds
Katarina Kochetova: piano
Johannes Strasser: bass
Mario Gonzi: drums
Ed Neumeister: conductor, musical direcctor

Arrangements: Barbara Bruckmüller, Thomas Kugi, Ed Neumeister, mathias rüegg
Gast Solist:innen: Marianne Mendt, Carole Alston: vocals, Bertl Mayer: harmonica, Johannes Strasser: bass

Moderation: mathias rüegg

Katarina Kochetova Trio
The young Ukrainian/Serbian pianist, singer, arranger and composer Katarina Kotechova may be called a true exceptional talent. In recent years she has distinguished herself as one of the leading voices of the European jazz scene of the younger generation. As the daughter of two musicians, classically trained pianist at an early age, she turned to jazz at the age of 13. Together with her two trio colleagues, who also belong to the established guard of their generation, she will present a selection of refreshingly newly arranged trio compositions by Pauer and thus enchant the Porgy.

The Notes & Tones Jazz Orchestra
The NTJO, founded in 2010 by Mario Gonzi and Daniel Nösig, with the best musicians of the Viennese jazz and big band scene in its ranks, has made itself its mission of bringing the music of the great jazz big band literature to the stage in a highly professional manner. Experience the NTJO tonight with selected big band music by Fritz Pauer, as well as newly arranged Fritz Pauer compositions by selected arrangers, with special guests and soloists such as Marianne Mendt, Carole Alston, Bertl Mayer and Johannes Strasser under the direction of Prof. Ed Neumeister.